Data Plate Services supply purpose-made 0.8mm aluminium plates specifically designed for use in the mandatory certification of chimney and fireplace work.


Each plate is a maximum of 1/3 A4 and can be pre-punched if required for easy fixing. Plates can be made using any full-colour logo to customise the plates and identify your company.

Data Plates are made using a special sub-surface printing technique which makes them hard-wearing and easy to clean. Specific installation details can easily be added on-site using any indelible pen.

We can supply standard plates, approved association plates (OFTEC, HETAS etc.) and custom plates as shown above.

All Data Plates comply with the Building Regulation Requirements of Approved Document J, 2002.

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Excerpt from Approved Document J

Notice plates for hearths and flues
(Requirement J4)

1.56 Where a hearth, fireplace (including a flue box), flue or chimney is provided or extended (including cases where a flue is provided as part of the refurbishment work), information essential lo the correct application and use of these facilities should be permanently posted in the building. A way of meeting this requirement would be to provide a notice plate as shown in Diagram 1.9 conveying the following information:

a) the location of the hearth, fireplace (or flue box) or the location of the beginning of the flue;
b) the category of the flue and generic types of appliances that can be safely accommodated;
c) the type and size of the flue (or its liner if it has been relined) and the manufacturer's name;
d) the installation date.

1.57 Notice plates should be robust, indelibly marked and securely fixed in an unobtrusive but obvious position within the building such as:
a) next to the electricity consumer unit; or
b) next -to the chimney or hearth described; or
c) next to the water supply stop-cock.

1.58 For chimney products whose performance characteristics have been assessed in accordance with a European
Standard (EN) and which are supplied or marked with a designation as described in Paragraph 0.4 (9), the installer may optionally include this designation on the label as shown in Diagram 1.9.

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